Technology That Links Everyone Through Web:

techTechnology related to the web or computers or the internet is called a web technology.Techniques with which humans interact with internet doing the number things in the different region of the world are referred as a web technology.In recent days technologies related to the web is spreading very fast. People of every country can interact with each other at any time and everywhere.The e-mail was the first who connected people of various countries. Nowadays, the social networks become the best and easiest to get connect.

Technology is the group of techniques, skills, methods and processes which can be used in the making of services. Technology can be the information of techniques, processes that can be implanted in computers and devices which can be worked by individuals without complete knowledge of the workings of these things.Web technology makes much difference in the internet area it creates a boom in the computers.

Technology in the handsThere are some markup languages like HTML, CSS, XML, CGI, and HTTP.Programming Languages and Technologies which creates applications for the web languages they are C#, Java, and Visual Basic .Net.Web server technologies that help application handling on networks where various users have to share the similar resources and communicate with each other.A database that has essential for data and information storage on a computer network.These things include web technology.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the regular markup language for generates web pages and web applications.The HTML components are the building blocks for HTML.Database management system includes a number of works that collectively allow the data to store it which can be accessed concurrently by many users at the same time as maintaining its reliability. A typical database is that the formation of the data they have is defined and stored independently from the data itself in a database

Extensible markup language (XML) becomes a well-liked format for data symbol in recent years.The server is that which share data in addition to sharing resources and allocate work.

There are different types of servers like:

social-mediaThe application server, a Catalog server, Communications server, Computing server, Database server, Fax server, File server, Game server, Mail server, Print server, Sound server and Web server etc.Websites are the basic element who promoted a web technology in a huge level. Any person can access any website and can get the knowledge or information which he wants. People can have the details of an area and can reach that place easily because of the websites.Web technology is used in the academic field and it provides a large information about the courses, books, tutorials and many more essential information that helped the students.

Web technology covers every area of the life of the people. The websites are giving interesting knowledge about everything. From a child to a youth and also the old people, a web technology is for everyone. No one is untouched by a web everyone is connected to the technology in their different area. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists and many other, they all are linked with the web technology.

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